Dor Even Chen

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Tel Aviv,Israel
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01. Trust in Waters
02. Exact point
03. Solar Density 
04. Thermal Recorder
05. Revenge Of The Surface
06. Informants 
07. Supporting Actor 
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Trust in Waters

A story about a fighter, a hunter, one self amongst different characters who holds a discipline within his movement and creations.
A struggle of survival and terror inside his mind and body when he tries to catch his true natural rhythm traveling in the limited moments of reality and unclouded stance.
In a challenging love story that upholds his own fight for a long continues breath.    

This is a document of the absolute dance.

Jaffa Museum, 2019
Still from video 1-6

Jaffa Museum, 2019

A collaborative project between Dor Even Chen and Avi Sabah at ‘Atar’, Jaffa Museum

‘Informants’ presents the notion of being trapped within the violent moment with no option of escape, and raises questions regarding regions of war or conflict; areas in which one must adapt in order to survive.
An ‘Informant’ is an individual who assists a foreign power ruling their country. Even in situations not involving an occupying regime, yet information or assistance is provided to an “enemy”, informants are considered traitors by their people. Thus the word “informant” is considered a derogatory term, and consists of both apparent and hidden violence


مشروع فني مشترك للفنانين دور إيڤن حن وآڤي صبح بصالة "أتار"، متحف يافا
المعرض "عملاء" عبارة عن تركيب متعدد الوسائط مشترك ومتعلق بمكان العرض من ابداع الفنانين دور إيڤن حن وآڤي صبح.  يتألف التركيب من تماثيل ورسومات وعدة عروض ڤيديو.
في فضاء "أتار" يتم عرض عدة حالات تتعامل مع حوادث ومناطق عنيفة (zone)، مؤامرات، عدم السيطرة على الجسم وأوضاع الاستحقاق ما بعد وقوع حادثة أو حدث ما. يحاكي الفضاء مشهد جريمة أو كارثة، ويتيح للمشاهد التنقل بين محاور الأحداث.

يقوم المعرض "عملاء" بتجسيد حالة من الوقوع بفخ في لحظة عنيفة لا هروب منها، يتساءل عن ساحات حرب وصراع، مناطق فيها يلزم الشخصية على التكيّف من أجل النجاة.

"عملاء" هي جمع "عميل"- الشخص الذي يقوم بالتعاون مع سلطة أجنبية التي تحكم/تحتل أرضه. يُحسب العملاء على أنهم خونة لوطنهم. حتى في الحالات التي لا تكون فيها قوة أجنبية محتلة، يقوم العميل بتقديم المساعدات والمعلومات إلى "العدو". المصطلح "عميل" يعبر عن إهانة ومسبّة ويحتوي بداخله عنفًا ظاهراً ومخفياً.

Exact Point
Iron welding, 50-inch concentric lens, cooking bowl and sage
160x80x60 cm, 2017
Tel-Aviv Artists' Studios

Thermal Recorder
Fire drawing on fax thermal paper, 21x240 cm, 2015

This work is stained by fire, creating black spots that appear repetitively, creating a cryptic writing, a simulated calligraphy or a cave painting, an unravelled mural. This riddle marked by fire is a note about past and future, a transmission of language. The outdated fax machine, designed to transmit information between two edges, becomes an error message, that opens a secret door burned by the heat. The black color material transgresses along the wall from the ceiling to the floor space, while the format of the thermal paper corresponds with rows and panels of religious scriptures, spiritual halls and lost languages. The work generates  randomness against the structure ­ hanging from the ceiling, and falling down, it's character is built from the destruction, rather than the addition of material. thus, offering alternative characterization of transmissions.

Solar density

A solar system panel connected to a LED spotlight
projecting a floodlight lens on a magnifying glass.
Inga gallery for contemporary art, Tel-aviv

All superstitions
Book launching collaborated exhibition with Shira Horesh, 2015


Revenge of the surface 
Minshar For Art Gallery
Installation view



Date of Birth: 16.12.1985

2009-2013 B.A studies at Minshar school of art, Tel-Aviv, Israel, Summa cum laude Photography departmennt. 2009-2014 Faculty of Humanities, The Open University ,Israel

Commission work:
2023-  Serpentine UK - Content Editor and Videographer
2022 - Edel Assanti Gallery, London - videographer and editor for exhibition view content.
2022 - CHRISTIE’S Exhibition documentation, London
2022 - Corvi Mora Gallery - videography Alvaro Berrington Exhibition, London
2022 - Tel Aviv Museum for Modern Art - Guy Ben-Ner- Exhibition Documentation
2022 -  Israel Museum - Local Testimony - Exhibition Documentation
2020-2021 - The Herzelia museum of art - exhibition view videography and interviews, still images and archive, working with the education departpent of the museum.
2019-2020 - The Herzliya Artists' Residence- Filmmaking, editing, photography documentation of all exhibitions and performances.
2018-2019- The Tel-Aviv Museum for Modern Art- Filmmaking, editing and photography of Exhibitions and performances.
2018-2019- The Great Gehenna Chior - Noam Inbar- Filmmaking and documentation of performances.
2019- The Museum for Islamic Art (Jerusalem)- Photography documentation of exhibitions.
Jaffa Museum- Filmmaking, editing and photography of Exhibitions and events..
Alon Segev Gallery Tel-Aviv- Photography documentation of exhibitions.
Shlosh Gallery Tel-Aviv- Photography documentation of exhibitions.
The Tel-Aviv Artists’ Studios- Photography documentation of exhibitions.
The Lobby Art Gallery Tel-Aviv- Photography documentation of exhibitions.
2018- Bezalel Academy for Art and Design- Photography documentation of exhibitions.
Dror Moreh Feature-Film- The Human Factor- Scanning and archiving the feature materials.
HaZira performance Art Arena - Rafol and the sea- Filmmaking rehearsals and performances.
2017- Curtain Up- A festival of dance premieres- Filmmaking.
The Art Gallery Tivon, Israel- photography of Exhibitions.

Artists Filmmaking commissions:
2020-2021- “susita” - Dor Guez film - in progress cinemtographer.
Pigments - Adi Boutrous fim - Cinematografer and editor.
2019- “The breakup”- Noa Wagner film- filmmaking and editing.
2019- “Loop” Daphna Noy- filmmaking and editing.
2019- “NewSpeak”- Lior Zalmanson- filmmaking and editing.
2019- “Relative Humidity”- Assaf Hinden- filmmaking.
2019- “The hearts filthy lesson”- Yasmin Vardi- filmmaking.
2019- “Abstracting the Burden”- Yasmin Vardi- filmmaking.
2018- “Hyper-Intention”- Yasmin Vardi- filmmaking.
2018- “The Curator”- Eitan Buganim- filmmaking and producing.
2018- “The West Border”- Jonathan Goldman- filmmaking and editing.
Solo Exhibitions:
2016 - Revenge of the surface. Minshar Galley, Tel-aviv.
2019- Informants, Due show with Avi Sabah, ATAR , jaffa museum, Israel.
2022-  Kav 16, The big quit, Tel-aviv, Israel

Selected group exhibitions:
2018- Artist residency at Atar project, jaffa museum, israel.
2017 - Atrium,The Tel-aviv artist’s studios. Tel-aviv, Israel.
Demolishing the Tower of Babel, binyamin gallery, Tel aviv, Israel.
2016 -Parody made the time, Hanina gallery, Tel aviv, Israel.
Universum, the 4th international photography festival, Tel-aviv yafo, Israel.
Vacum, the 4th international photography festival, Tel-aviv yafo, Israel.
Signs, Rehovot Municipal Art Gallery, Israel.
2015 -Silent movies, cavendish square hall, London,UK.
Ada art projects gallery, Jerusalem, Israel.
All superstitions - Due show with Shira horesh, Inga gallery for contemporary art, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
2014 -No man's land, the central gallery, Tel-aviv, Israel.
Double standard, minshar gallery, Tel-aviv, Israel.
Terrain, Raziel 11 gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2013 -supporting actor, tel-hai museum of photography, Israel
Immersion- Hahashmal 33, Tel-Aviv, Israel 2013
Direct view - Zimmer, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Graduation exhibition - Minshar gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel


2022- Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts

2021-2022- The Artists Residence Herzliya,  Israel
2018- Atar-أتار, Jaffa Meuseum, Israel